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Mouse strain

Strain information

Type of strain Targeted mutant.
Strain name B6;129-Fostm1
Internal Code , c-fos KO
Submitter Masahiko Hatano
Submitter affiliation or code Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University
Stock Type
Material Transfer Conditions Consent to us
Production method From other organizations
Origin (In-house) Organization
Organization code
Origin (From other organizations) Organization Research institute of Molecular Pathology Vienna
Organization code
Developer Erwin F. Wagner
Year introduced 1993
Introduced Generation

Gene information

Gene symbol Fos
Gene name FBJ osteosarcoma oncogene
Allele symbol Fostm1
Allele name Fos, targeted mutation 1
MGI MGI:95574,
Chromosome 12 ,
Gene classification Targeted or trapped gene(knockout etc.)
GO Gene Ontology
OMIM OMIM ID: 164810 Human Gene Symbol: FOS,

PCR Primer 1
primerA 5'(CACTg, AAgCg, ggAAg, ggACT, g)3'
primerB 5'(CAATA, TCACg, ggTAg, CCAAC, g)3'


Author Zhao-Qi Wang, Catherine Ovitt, Agamemnon E. Grigoriadis, Uta Mohle-Steinlein, Ulrich Ruther & Erwin F. Wagner
Title Bone and haematopoietic defects in mice lacking c-fos
Journal NATURE
Volume 360
Page 741-745
Year 1992
PMID 1465144

Disease , Applicable field information

Disease name, Applicable field Immunology, Development

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