Mouse strain

Strain information

CARD ID 2269
Type of strain Targeted mutant.
Strain name B6;129-DSCR-1tm1ApoEtm1
Internal Code DSCR-1, ApoE double knockout mouse
Submitter Minami Takashi
Submitter affiliation or code Labs for Vascular Biology RCAST, The University of Tokyo
Stock Type
Material Transfer Conditions Others
Production method in-house breeding
Origin (In-house) Organization RCAST, The Univ. of Tokyo
Organization code RAC10113
Developer Takashi Minami
Origin (From other organizations) Organization Harvard Univ. Medical School
Organization code 不明
Developer Juda Folkman, Sandra Ryeom
Year introduced 2008 / 6
Introduced Generation

Gene information

Gene symbol RCAN1
Gene name regulator of calcineurin 1
Allele symbol RCAN1tm1
Allele name regulator of calcineurin 1, targeted mutation 1,
MGI MGI:1890564,
Chromosome 16 (53.60) ,
Gene classification Targeted or trapped gene(knockout etc.)
Method Electroporation
Gene symbol Apoe
Gene name apolipoprotein E
Allele symbol Apoetm1
Allele name apolipoprotein E, targeted mutation 1,
MGI MGI:88057,
Chromosome 7 (9.94) ,
Gene classification Targeted or trapped gene(knockout etc.)

Disease , Applicable field information

Disease name, Applicable field Physiology, Anatomy, cancer, Metabolism

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