Mouse strain

Strain information

CARD ID 2372
Type of strain Targeted mutant.
Strain name B6;BDF1-Gtsf1ltm1Miya
Internal Code Gtsf1l KO
Submitter Miyazaki Jun-ichi
Submitter affiliation or code Division of Stem Cell Regulation Research,Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Stock Type
Material Transfer Conditions Consent to us
Production method in-house breeding
Origin (In-house) Organization
Organization code Miya
Origin (From other organizations) Organization
Organization code
Year introduced
Introduced Generation

Gene information

Gene symbol Gtsf1l
Gene name gametocyte specific factor 1-like
Allele symbol Gtsf1ltm1Miya
Allele name gametocyte specific factor 1-like, targeted mutation 1,
MGI MGI:1915486,
Chromosome 2 (84.04) (2H3) ,
Gene classification Targeted or trapped gene(knockout etc.)
Method MicroInjection, Other

PCR Primer 1
Gtsf1l-Bam-F aaaggatccgctcttgtacctgcctgagttaacg
Gtsf1l-Eco-R tttgaattctagaagtttgccttcctggtcctag

Disease , Applicable field information

Disease name, Applicable field Reproduction

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